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Website Development

We use our very successful home-grown content management system, know as XMS Systems, as the basis of all our web development.XMS Systems XMSCMS
That means that it is easy for us to update your website on a regular basis to keep it secure and functioning properly.
The updates depends on the type of agreement you have with us as well as making sure your monthly payments are kept up-to-date.


Main features of XMS Systems

  • is easy to use
  • is cost effective
  • includes total hosting solution
  • unlimited email addresses
  • IMAP access to email
    email accessible from any pc in the world
  • mobile phone support for email (e.g IPhone, Blackberry)
  • free domain (certain payment options only)
  • includes domain management
  • includes custom graphic development
  • is expandable to suit my business needs
  • is supported by real people instead of users in a forum
  • supports different languages in both the front end as well as the administration section
  • multilingual spell checker
  • supports the uploading of images and flash content in the CMS editor
  • allows "Full Screen" editing mode for longer pages
  • has a preview function to view a page without having to save it first
  • supports Google Ads
  • easy and effective social network sharing and search integration to Facebook and Twitter
  • supports a system where I can see how popular a specific page is
  • have an integrated news letter system
  • allows for both paid and unpaid subscriptions
  • integrates with Paypal for subscription payments
  • track log-on date and time with complete records exportable to excel in CSV format
  • disables an account temporarily if the log-in information is incorrect to avoid unauthorised access
  • can show or hide certain pages or menu options based on date and time
  • show or hide menu options and pages based on an access level or if logged on or not
  • allow different access levels to the administration and member section
  • automated log-on report every time someone logs into the website

If you are interested in all the juicy details why not visit the XMS-Systems website and read all about it.

XMS SystemsXMS Systems comes with 3 levels of hosting included

Level 1 - 250 mb of diskspace and 3gb bandwidth per month

Level 2 - 1gb of diskspace and 10gb of bandwidth per month

Level 3 - 4gb of diskspace and 40gb of bandwidth per month


Custom Application Development

To customise your website to suit your specific business or personal style doesn't need to be an expensive and daunting issue.  Because we developed XMS Systems we understand exactly how to expand the system to achieve your exact specifications.


Look at the websites listed on the right to get some ideas of how complex or simple your website can be.