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Secure ImageGoogle's on a mission

to make the internet safer and more secure (and they'll boost your rankings if you play along). Is your site ready? Read the blog entry to learn about exactly what they're looking for plus discover a few resources to beef up your security.

With this in mind, take a look at the SSL Certificates that are available at Exelwebs.

You can easily install your certificate yourself following our detailed article here or order a Minor Support instance here


Claim Your Reserved .UK Domain Name

.uk image.co.uk Image.me.uk domain Image.org.uk image

As many of you probably know, a huge number of new top level domain names are being introduced by ICAN.
The United Kingdom never had a Top Level Domain (tld) name like Ireland (.ie) or the European Union (.eu)

Well the .uk domain name has been released and anyone can register their UK tld now. If you are the owner of any of the following domain name "types" there is a .uk version reserved for you.

  • something.co.uk
  • something.me.uk
  • something.org.uk

Simply follow this link http://xmsurl.com/uk to exelwebs.com, type in your domain name and you will within seconds see if you qualify for your reserved .uk domain name.

Server Security

We have updated the "Jubenite" server with the latest anti-hacking software from Comodo
The configuration is still under "fine tuning" and if you run into some unexplained error while using your XMS Systems Installation, please submit a support ticket here with the exact step you took so we can reproduce the error and reconfigure the software. Without the exact steps we will not be able to assist you.

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Fred Mac Donald

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