How do I install my GeoTrust SSL Certificate?

Once you have completed the order and payment has been approved your order will be processed and you can visit your "Client Area" to configure your certificate.

Before you can start the configuration you will need a valid "CSR" (Certificate Signing Request).

Login in to your Cpanel (You can do that by clicking "View Details" next you your hosting account and then click "Login to cPanel" button)
Once inside cPanel find the "SSL/TSL Manager" under "Security"

1. Private Keys (KEY)
Click "Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys." then just click the "Generate" button.
(If you have more than one key for your account you could enter a description to help you identify the key.)
Your private key will be generate and displayed in both encoded and decoded format.
Scroll down and click "Return to SSL Manager"
Note: You only have to complete this step when you install the SSL Certificate the first time for a specific domain.
When replacing/renewing your SSL certificate you can skip this step.

2. Certificate Signing Request (CSR) (This is the bit you need to configure your SSL certificate)
Click "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.
Under the "Key" dropdown, select the "Private Key" you want to use for this CSR (could be the one you just created in step 1.)
Enter the domain you want to use the SSL certificate on. (e.g. or
Note: If your website redirects all pages by default to the "www" version, make sure you request the CSR for the "www" version.
They are not the same and the SSL Certificate will only work for one of them unless you have a wildcard SSL Certificate.

Complete the rest of the fields in the form. For the RapidSSL you do not need a "Passphrase"
Enter a "Description" for this CSR if you have more than one certificate in your account.
Click "Generate"
Copy the "Encoded Certificate Signing Request" you generated in step 2 above.
Make sure to copy everything between the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" and the "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----"

3. Configuring your SSL Certificate
log in to your Exelwebs Client area and locate "Services" on the menu and select "My Services"
Locate the SSL Certificate you just purchased and click the "View Details" button.
At the bottom of the page click "Configure Now"
If your account is hosted with Exelwebs select "cPanel / WHM" from the "Web Server Type" dropdown list.
Paste the "Encoded Certificate Signing Request" you generated in step 2 above.
Make sure the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" and the "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" stays exactly as it is. This is very important.
Complete the rest of the fields and click the "Click to Continue" button.
The CSR are now being sent to GeoTrust and checked against the one you generated on your hosting account.
After a couple of seconds you will be asked to confirm the "Certificate Approver Email"
Select the correct email and "Click to Continue"

4. SSL Certificate Request Confirmation
You should get an email from "" with a link you need to follow to review and approve the certificate request.
Follow the instruction in the email to approve the certificate request.

5. Uploading your SSL Certificate
You will get another email from ""
Login to your cPanel and under SSL/TSL Manager locate "Certificates (CRT) and click "Generate, View, upload, or delete SSL certificates"
From the email make sure to copy everything starting from "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and ending with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"
Paste everything into the "Paste your certificate below:" field
Make sure there are 5 dashes to either side of the begin and end and that no white spaces, extra line breaks or additional characters have been inadvertantly added.
Your certificate will be retrieved and you will see the domain, issuer, key size and expiration dates
Enter a description if you want to and click "Save Certificate"
Click "Return to SSL Manager" on the bottom of the page

6. Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) (Exelwebs servers only)
Click "Manage SSL sites"
From the "Domain" dropdown list select the domain you just uploaded the certificate for and click "Autofill by Domain"
The Uploaded certificate, the generated private key and Certificate Authority Bundle will automatically be retrieved and displayed.
Click "Install Certificate" to begin the installation.
You should get a message "SSL Host Sucessfully Installed"

See our knowledgebase article on mod_rewrite to force HTTPS Access
We do not offer support to any of the htaccess codes nor do we promise to make your code work.
If you are installing the certificate on a different host, the process might differ. Contact your hosting profider if you are experencing problems.

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