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ExelMail Professional personal and Business E-Mail hosting

Professional E-Mail hosting


It’s time to upgrade to a Fully Scalable, Feature-Rich, Secure and Ad-Free professional email hosting

designed for Private use, SMME's and Larger Businesses alike

Which option to choose for my Personal or Business e-mail solution?

Basic E-Mail

Professional e-mail hosting - Basic

✓ Reliable email hosting service, with many great features included and an advanced Spam filter to keep me safe from viruses and phishing emails.

✓ Check email, in the browser from anywhere using GroupOffice WebMail application

✓ Check email client on my device using Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.).

✓ Personal Cloud storage up to 10GB to store my files with easy access to attach to an email.

✓ Personalise my E-Mails by using my own domain name

Basic FROM £0.99/MO

Enhanced E-Mail

Professional e-mail hosting - EnhancedActiveSync Logo

✓ All the Basic features plus advanced collaboration features.

✓ Compatible with ActiveSync to synchronize email, calendar, and contacts on my smartphone and other devices.

✓ Share calendars, contacts, and tasks with other e-Mails accounts in my domain. 

✓ Personal Cloud storage up to 50GB to store my files with easy access to attach to an email.

✓ Personalise my business E-Mail by using my own domain name

Enhanced FROM £1.85/MO

Combination of Both Options

Combo ExelMail E-mail HostingActiveSync Logo

✓ A mixture of requirements with some of the accounts fine with the Basic E-Mail option, while others definitely will benefit from the Enhanced E-Mail package.

✓ Personalise my business E-Mail by using my own domain name

Custom build your package based on pre-defined options.

Select the number of Basic and Enhanced mailboxes according to your needs

The combined mailbox space can be allocated and amended as your needs change between the boxes

Custom FROM £2.85/MO


It’s time to upgrade to a professional E-Mail Hosting service that...
✓ Have No Impact on your existing online business setup

ExelMail will have no impact whatsoever on your existing allocated website hosting or even require any web hosting at all.

We do not require you to host your website with us or transfer your domain to us. You stay in control.

✓ Scalable E-mail box size

Depending on the package you select, Basic or Enhanced E-Mail, mailbox size can be adjusted and reallocated between the account, with an additional 10GB from £0.41/month

✓ Private and secure email

Our services are encrypted and offered with 256-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your data, with SSL and TLS support. For an increased layer of security, you can enable Two Factor Authentication.

✓ Aliases and forwards included

Add email aliases (other identities for the same email address) and forward emails to organise your communication with others.

✓ Access it from anywhere

You can access your mail from Desktop apps – like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail – and when you’re on the go you can use any email app on your smartphone. Or simply access our modern Webmail from your favourite browser to check email, calendar and contacts. Anytime, anywhere.

✓ Share large files with others

Attach files as big as 50MB directly to emails or share them directly from ExelMail personal file storage.

✓ Advanced Spam filtering

We’ll keep your Inbox free of unwanted spam and viruses with our advanced Spam filtering solution that learns every day with you. Drag emails to the Spam folder to blacklist senders or mark them as not spam to whitelist them.

✓ Archive and Backups

Don’t worry if you deleted an email by mistake! With our advanced email archiving solution you can recover any lost e-mail. You can even restore the contents of your mailbox to any previous version from the last 30 days.

✓ No ads

Your inbox is yours. Period. You won’t get distracted by ads and your data will not be filtered to deliver personalised ads, as free email providers do.

✓ Free E-Mail transfer

We will transfer your existing E-Mail messages from your existing host to our servers free of charge. You simply provide us with a list of E-Mail accounts and passwords and leave the rest up to us.

Password and Access Management

Take control of your password, Two Factor Authentication, Holiday Responses, and more from within your unique user control panel.

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